Ritual Policies



Potlucks are permitted (and widely enjoyed!) at CAA. Because we have a wide range of ritual observance in our community, please take note of the following guidelines:

  • All potluck food must be vegetarian (no meat or fish) but need not be vegan (dairy products, eggs, and any cheeses are okay!).
  • During all potlucks the kitchen must remain locked.
  • Potluck food may not enter the synagogue kitchen under any circumstances.
  • During potlucks, the synagogue’s kitchen utensils may not be used. This includes plates, silverware, flatware, cups, and any other kitchen equipment.
  • Potluck food may not be reheated in the synagogue ovens.
  • All tables must be covered with disposable tablecloths.
  • All potluck food should be prepared intentionally for the potluck and with respect for the laws of kashrut.
  • All potluck food must be home-cooked or certified kosher.
  • While one is preparing potluck food, one should not simultaneously prepare non-kosher food (i.e.., if one is making lasagna, one should not simultaneously make two lasagnas, one with meat and one without).
  • Ideally, any jarred condiments, sauces, or ingredients used in the preparation of a potluck dish (i.e. tomato sauce, salsa, soy sauce, mayonnaise, etc…) should carry a reliable hechsher (kosher certification) or should be certified vegetarian. If this is not possible, all product labels must be checked carefully for any non-kosher ingredients (i.e. meats, non-kosher fish, gelatin, etc…).

If you have specific questions, please contact Rabbi Resnick.



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Sat, December 16 2017 28 Kislev 5778