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Shabbat & Holidays

Please join us for Shabbat Services every Saturday morning at 9:00am. The prayers                                               and Torah Reading are led each week by Rabbi Avi Poupko. We try our best to fill our                                           prayers with kavannah, a sense of communal prayer and joy. The Torah Reading is                                           charachterized with lively discussion, questions and insights on the weekly Torah                                                   Portion. Services are always followed by a beautiful Kiddush. Please join us!

Observing Jewish Rituals in both a traditional and spiritually meaningful way is central                                           to our practice here at Ahavas Achim. We are not affiliated with any movement and thus                                       able to create our own independent Jewish way of doing things.

Please check our CALENDAR for all upcoming events and services.

Tue, January 28 2020 2 Shevat 5780