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Funeral / Shiva

The Rabbi is available to help you when a death occurs in your family.                                                                   He can be reached at or .                                                                        

 If you are unable to reach the Rabbi, or if you would like to obtain information regarding our local Jewish cemetery please contact Michael Pearlman at 

The Chesed Committee is ready to help with food, arranging a minyan and other needs                                     in in the event of someone losing a loved one.


"Sitting Shiva" refers to the ancient and beautiful custom of taking a week after the passing                                    of a loved one to focus exclusively on mourning and remembering the person who has                                     passed. The word shiva means "seven" referring to the number of days that it is customary                                    to sit at home in a state of mourning, surrounded by friends and family. Of course, it is not all                                or nothing! So even taking a day or two after the funeral to engage in this beautiful Jewish                                      custom is a wonderful thing. It is traditional to say certain prayers at a Shiva house.                                      Please email the Rabbi at  or call him at                                            

   if you are sitting Shiva and are in need of assistance, guidance or help in arranging a minyan.

Mon, March 18 2019 11 Adar II 5779